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The Journey Deepens Retreats Going into the mission field, whether for the long term or short term, is a huge decision. It’s worth it to get away from the daily demands of normal life to go deeper with Jesus and dedicate time to intentionally seek Him about His plans for you. The Journey Deepens is a weekend retreat that gives you the time and structure to do just that.


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Halftime offers events for those who have achieved success only to find that it isn’t all it promised to be. There’s something missing. If you’re in that season of life, this is your opportunity to look back on what you’ve accomplished, understand who you are and then redirect your time and talent for an even more purposeful second half. Over the past decade, the Halftime® organization has become the leading authority in this space. They focus their efforts on financially independent marketplace leaders who have a deep desire to make the second half of their life rich in eternal significance.

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How are you called to serve? In his book, I Want To Make A Difference, Now!, Mobilizer and Mission Strategist, Don Parrott, identifies three main ways you can serve. Enjoy this free excerpt, “Goer, Sender, Mobilizer,” to help you start thinking how you might serve.


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