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Job TitleAlternate TitleWorld RegionUpdated (Days Ago)
BUSINESS AS MISSIONAccounting in Cambodia Southeast Asia 90
BUSINESS AS MISSIONRadio Engineer in Haiti Caribbean 90
BUSINESS AS MISSIONAccounting and Administration in Haiti South America 153
BUSINESS AS MISSIONBusiness as Mission in Central Asia Asia, Central 153
BUSINESS AS MISSIONFinance in Spain Europe, West 90
BUSINESS AS MISSIONPresident Various 142
BUSINESS AS MISSIONHealth Asia, Northern 139
BUSINESS AS MISSIONMentor No Preference 104
BUSINESS AS MISSIONBusiness as Mission in travel, health care, business start ups, etc Africa, North 119
BUSINESS AS MISSIONTest Lena Africa, North 13
BUSINESS AS MISSIONGeneral Manager in China Asia, Central 153
BUSINESS AS MISSIONFinancial Analysts/Accountants/Bookkeepers Inquire First 202
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Spain Europe, West 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter Inquire First 194
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Cambodia Southeast Asia 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Brazil South America 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTMissionary Pastor in rural North America Various 36
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTMen's Ministry Strategist and Developer Various 190
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Papua Asia, Southern 175
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Suriname South America 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Cameroon Africa, North 90
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Italy Europe, West 175
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Moldova Europe, East 175
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in France Europe, West 175
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter No Preference 163
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Central Asia Asia, Central 90
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Eastern Europe Europe, East 90
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTMobilization Associate Area Director Various 61
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTMobilization Area Director Various 61
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTPastor-Media Ministries Central America 169
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in Trinidad South America 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTEvangelism/Church Planting/Small Group Leadership South America 112
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTChurch Planter in the Philippines Asia, Southern 153
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTLeadership coordinator No Preference 27
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTRegional Director Asia, Central 1
CHURCH DEVELOPMENTScripture Engagement Specialist No Preference 49
COMMUNICATIONSCommunications Coordinator Various 139
COMMUNICATIONSDigital and Social Media Manager Various 49
COMMUNICATIONSMedia & Communications Coordinators/Interns Central America 169
COMMUNICATIONSWriter No Preference 49
COMMUNICATIONSArtist in France Europe, West 89
COMMUNICATIONSAssistant Communications Director Various 77
COMMUNICATIONSDigital Media Trainers/Specialists Inquire First 202
COMMUNICATIONSSocial Media Writers/Content Creators Inquire First 202
COMMUNICATIONSMedia and Communications Assistant in France Europe, West 89
COMMUNICATIONSVideo - Photography Various 42
COMMUNICATIONSMedia and Communications Specialist in France Europe, West 153
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCommunity Development Consultant No Preference 49
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCommunity Development Specialist No Preference 163
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCommunity Development Directors Central America 202
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTChurch coordinator No Preference 106
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINGeneral Maintenance Technician Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINHousekeeping Maintenance Staff Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINCommercial HVAC Technician Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINElectrician Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINPlant Manager/Facilities Manager Africa, North 83
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINConstruction/maintenance craftsman/technician Various 70
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINConstruction Project Supervisor No Preference 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINMission Team Manager Assistant Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINSkilled Maintenance Technician Various 49
CONSTRUCT/MAINTAINConstruction Project Team Leader Various 70
DISCIPLE YOUTHCadence Internship Inquire First 24
DISCIPLE YOUTHBuilding In Youth Missionary Various 69
DISCIPLE YOUTHCommunity Director/Associate Staff at US Military Asia Locations Southeast Asia 19
DISCIPLE YOUTHCommunity Director/Associate Staff at US Military European Locations Europe, West 19
DISCIPLE YOUTHCommunity Director/Associate Staff at US Military Locations Various 19
DISCIPLE YOUTHSports Ministry/Youth Pastor Oceania 34
DISCIPLESHIPDiscipleship coordinator and trainer No Preference 27
DISCIPLESHIPDiscipleship Survey Champion/Coordinator No Preference 48
DISCIPLESHIPGlobal Trainer No Preference 36
DISCIPLESHIPInternship One Year Experience Asia, Southern 24
DISCIPLESHIPCommunity Youth Pastor to military youth Inquire First 24
DISCIPLESHIPChildren's worker for dependents of miliatry families Inquire First 24
DISCIPLESHIPAny Role - Anywhere Inquire First 194
DISCIPLESHIPCadence Adult Ministries Hospitality House Director Inquire First 24
DISCIPLESHIPScripture Use Consultant No Preference 49
DISCIPLESHIPInner City Student Ministry in Italy Europe, West 153
DISCIPLESHIPEncounter Internship Inquire First 79
DISCIPLESHIPBEE World Facilitator Inquire First 323
DISCIPLESHIPUniversity Outreach in Eastern Europe Europe, East 153
DISCIPLESHIPGGCN Regional Volunteers No Preference 48
EDUCATIONVillage Administrator Africa, North 83
EDUCATIONHeadmaster Africa, North 83
EDUCATIONMusic Instructor Africa, North 83
EDUCATIONInternational Conference Teacher (Graduate Students) Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONTeachers/School Administrators Inquire First 168
EDUCATIONChristian High School Teacher Oceania 34
EDUCATIONChristian Primary/ Secondary Teacher Africa, Sub-Sahara 35
EDUCATIONEnglish Teacher (vocational college students) Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONMath/Science teacher Central America 238
EDUCATIONEnglish Teacher (undergraduate students) Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONPublic Speaking Teacher (undergraduate / graduate students) Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONTeacher No Preference 27
EDUCATION1st-2nd grade teacher Central America 238
EDUCATIONM.K. Teacher/Assist with Ministry Work Africa, Sub-Sahara 35
EDUCATIONEnglish Teacher for PhD students Asia, Central 292
EDUCATION5th-6th grade teacher Central America 238
EDUCATIONElementary & Secondary Teachers No Preference 100
EDUCATIONChildcare Administrator Africa, North 83
EDUCATIONTeacher for Med school students Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONSecondary School Teacher No Preference 49
EDUCATIONLiteracy Specialist No Preference 49
EDUCATIONChief Academic Officer of Pacific Island University Oceania 35
EDUCATIONLiteracy Specialist No Preference 163
EDUCATIONInternational and MK school teaching Inquire First 79
EDUCATIONTeacher Inquire First 194
EDUCATIONArt Instructor Africa, North 83
EDUCATIONEnglish Teacher in Haiti Caribbean 175
EDUCATIONBusiness Teacher for Graduate students Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONMiddle School Teaching Intern Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONWestern Literature Teacher (Graduate Students) Asia, Central 292
EDUCATIONTESL in Papua Southeast Asia 89
ENGINEERINGEnvironmental Health and Safety Coordinator Various 37
ENGINEERINGRadio Planters/Technicians/Engineers Inquire First 202
ESL/TESOLDirector of Educational Outreach – East Asia Southeast Asia 33
ESL/TESOLESL Specialist No Preference 49
ESL/TESOLESL Mentor for Missionary Training Program Central America 202
ESL/TESOLTESOL or ESL Teacher in Cambodia Southeast Asia 90
ESL/TESOLEducation Specialist Asia, Northern 113
ESL/TESOLUrban Mountain Adventure Mission Trip Participant Asia, Central 114
ESL/TESOLEnglish Language Facilitator Asia, Northern 113
ESL/TESOLLanguage Teacher Inquire First 194
EVANGELISMVanuatu Mission Trip Participant Oceania 114
EVANGELISMLondon Bridges 2018 Mission Trip Participant Europe, West 114
EVANGELISMGhana Jesus Film Mission Trips Participant Africa, Sub-Sahara 114
EVANGELISMWestern Pacific Mission Trip Particpant Oceania 114
EVANGELISMNepal Jesus Film Mission Trip Participant Asia, Southern 114
EVANGELISMCosta Rica Mission Trip Participant Central America 114
EVANGELISMEast Asia Field Leader Southeast Asia 1
EVANGELISMHard Hats for Christ Missionary Various 69
EVANGELISMChurch Planting Catalyst Southeast Asia 28
EVANGELISMLove Japan Mission Trip Participant Southeast Asia 114
EVANGELISMUnreached Peoples Facilitator No Preference 48
EVANGELISMJewel of the Middle East Mission Trip Participant Middle East 114
EVANGELISMBurkina Faso Mission Trip Participant Africa, Sub-Sahara 114
EVANGELISMPorts Project 2018 Mission Trip Participant Europe, West 114
EVANGELISMEvangelist No Preference 27
EVANGELISMArea Director Various 112
EVANGELISMChildren in Crisis Inquire First 69
EVANGELISMInternational Neighborhood Network Various 153
EVANGELISMDental Clinic Chaplain Central America 261
EVANGELISMRetreat Center Chaplain Central America 261
EVANGELISMEvangelism Inquire First 194
EVANGELISMCampus Ministry Staff Various 145
EVANGELISMMissionary Europe, East 133
EVANGELISMOral Storying Specialist No Preference 49
EVANGELISMChildren and Youth Evangelism South America 35
EVANGELISMStep Outside the Lines - Spain Europe, West 79
EVANGELISM SUPPORTBible Translation Specialist No Preference 163
EVANGELISM SUPPORTRefugee Worker Europe, West 133
EVANGELISM SUPPORTLinguistics/translation worker No Preference 49
EVANGELISM SUPPORTTranslation Apprentice in Cameroon Africa, North 153
EVANGELISM SUPPORTEvangelism Inquire First 194
HEALTH CAREHospital Chaplains Inquire First 168
HEALTH CAREImmunization Nurse Various 49
HEALTH CAREPhysicians/Nurses/Health Workers and Educaors Central America 169
HEALTH CAREMedical Ministry No Preference 27
HEALTH CAREDoctor Various 49
HEALTH CAREMedical Professional in Cambodia Asia, Central 153
HEALTH CARENurse Practitioner Various 49
HEALTH CARERegistered Nurse Various 49
HEALTH CAREMedical Doctor No Preference 49
HEALTH CARENurse Central America 261
HEALTH CAREMedical Caravan Manager Central America 168
HEALTH CAREStaff Care Coordinators for Adults & Children Inquire First 202
HEALTH CAREPhysician Assistant Various 49
HEALTH CAREDental Hygienist Africa, North 261
HEALTH CAREDental Assistant Central America 261
HEALTH CAREMedical Doctor Africa, Sub-Sahara 261
HEALTH CARESurgeon Africa, Sub-Sahara 261
HEALTH CAREClinic Dental Director Central America 261
HEALTH CAREChiropractor Central America 260
HEALTH CAREDental Assistant Africa, North 261
HEALTH CAREDental Hygienist Central America 261
HEALTH CARENurse Africa, North 260
HEALTH CARENurse Africa, Sub-Sahara 261
HEALTH CAREClinic Dentist Africa, North 261
HEALTH CAREMedical Doctor Africa, North 260
HEALTH CAREMedical Doctor Central America 261
HEALTH CAREPhysician Assistant Africa, Sub-Sahara 261
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYScript Technologist Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYConsultant/Trainer: Language Applications Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Support Specialist No Preference 49
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Software Developer Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYLanguage Technology Coordinator Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYLanguage Technology Communications Coordinator Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYWordpress Programmer No Preference 50
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSocial and Electronic Media Coordinator Various 133
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYConnect Network Administrator No Preference 48
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Help Desk Consultant Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYLanguage Technology Consultant Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYWeb/Cloud Developer position Various 271
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Specialist No Preference 163
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT System Administrator Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYField IT Support Specialist No Preference 100
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Technicians/Helpdesk/Generalists Central America 202
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYLanguage Technology Specialist Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT support Inquire First 194
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSoftware Developer Language Applications Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Specialist/Website Manager in NYC Various 89
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYGTIS Communication Systems Tech/Consultant Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYIT Network Security Engineer Various 36
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYDirector of Technology and Business Solutions Various 36
JUSTICE/ADVOCACYMinistry to Street Children/Orphans Africa, Sub-Sahara 119
RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENTAgriculture Workers Inquire First 168
RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENTProject Manager No Preference 49
RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENTWater & Sanitation Inquire First 168
RESOURCE MANAGEMENTDistribution Consultant No Preference 49
RESOURCE MANAGEMENTReceiving Coordinator Various 33
SUPPORT HELPSGift Shop Clerk Various 49
SUPPORT HELPSKitchen Assistant Various 49
SUPPORT HELPSTour Ambassador Various 49
SUPPORT HELPSAuto Mechanic Various 49
SUPPORT HELPSMulti-Generational Engagement Assistant Director Various 37
SUPPORT HELPSRegional Short-Term Coordinator Inquire First 169
SUPPORT HELPSTechnical Services No Preference 163
SUPPORT HELPSGuest House Manager Central America 168
SUPPORT HELPSFacilities Manager/Maintenance Worker Central America 202
SUPPORT HELPSAdministration support for Church Planting Inquire First 194
SUPPORT HELPSHost / Hostess No Preference 49
SUPPORT HELPSDorm Parent/Mentor Africa, Sub-Sahara 35
SUPPORT HELPSKitchen Manager Africa, Sub-Sahara 141
SUPPORT HELPSHospitality Director Africa, North 261
SUPPORT HELPSHospitality Director, Retreat Center Central America 261
SUPPORT HELPSCreative Work under Leaders No Preference 35
SUPPORT HELPSDayspring Card Clerk Various 14
SUPPORT HELPSShort Term Teams Host South America 9
SUPPORT HELPSRace for Possible Director Various 37
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALIT Recruiter No Preference 34
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALGuesthouse Manager/Bookkeeper Africa, Sub-Sahara 35
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPartner Relations Representative Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMissionary Recruiter/Mobilizer Various 35
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALNight Manager at a Refugee Home Various 35
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALVice President of Finance CFO Various 1
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDirector of Human Resources Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAccounts Receivable Payable Clerk Various 37
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALGift Shop Business Coordinator Various 14
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMissions at the Airport Staff Pilot Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAviation Business Manager Various 1
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAviation Financial Assistant Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALVice President of Global Initiatives Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALFinance No Preference 163
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALClinic Administrator Central America 168
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDirector of Mobilization Various 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALHuman Resources Director Various 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALUS Executive Director Various 253
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAdministrators/Senior Managers/Executive Assistants Inquire First 202
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALHuman Resources Administrator No Preference 36
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDental Clinic Manager Central America 260
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALHospital Administrator Africa, Sub-Sahara 261
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALTranslation Manager No Preference 36
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPresident of African Initiatives Africa, Sub-Sahara 92
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALSTEP Program Director Various 190
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDonor Development Specialist Various 65
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALFinancial Manager (Part-time) Various 65
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALVP of Operations Various 65
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALOffice 365 Administration & Desktop Support Various 65
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMobilization Specialist Various 112
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALTurbine Engine Maintenance Specialist No Preference 100
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAdministrative Assistant Various 189
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPilot/Mechanic Various 83
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAdministrative Professional Europe, West 308
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPilot/Mechanic No Preference 100
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPhotographer No Preference 260
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALVideographer No Preference 260
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALStaff Accountant Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALShort Term Teams Administrator Central America 60
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALClinical Member Care Specialist Southeast Asia 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPastoral Member Care Specialist Europe, East 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALOutreach Assistant Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALFlight Instructor Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALSpecial Events Coordinator Various 14
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMissions Team Assistant Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALGift Shop Manager Various 27
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAviation Maintenance Training Coordinator Various 49
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALPastoral Member Care Specialist Southeast Asia 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALClinical Member Care Specialist Europe, East 133
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDirector of Recruiting Various 259
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALDirector of Member Care Various 259
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMilitary Mobilization Analyst Various 65
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALAdvocate for National Leaders Various 260
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALRegional Ministries Representative Various 205
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALMissions Investment Advisor Various 217
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALInnovative Leader No Preference 35
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALInnovate with Leaders No Preference 35
SUPPORT PROFESSIONALGraphic Designer Various 24

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